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Seismic Exploration

In the seismic marine industry, having reliable independent expertise and inspectors will become more important as geophysical exploration continues to move into more challenging marine environments.

SMC has considerable experience in overseeing marine seismic projects, keeping seismic marine crews safe and ensuring seismic vessels are inspected to the highest industry standards.

SMC offer a range of services and personnel to the seismic industry including Consultants, whose specialist marine knowledge is able to add significant insight to clients’ seismic exploration projects.

Services cover all elements of HSEQ for marine operations, including marine coordination, vessel inspections and offshore project management.
SMC has considerable experience in overseeing marine seismic projects

Marine Oil & Gas

Offshore drilling for oil & gas takes place in waters of more than half the nations on earth. The safe construction and management of offshore oil & gas assets requires specialist knowledge in Marine HSEQ to safeguard the safety of personnel, operations and the marine environment.

SMC supply expert Consultants who have significant experience in the marine oil & gas industry. SMC provide Marine Coordinators, Offshore Project Management, Client Representation, HSEQ Consultants and Vessel Inspectors to ensure smooth, safe and cost effective operations.

Our experienced Marine Coordinators have unrivalled experience in the efficient and safe coordination of personnel and vessels worldwide, and a robust and practical focus on health and safety practices.

Environmental Regulations

SMC can assist in minimising the potential negative impacts of seismic exploration on marine wildlife. We provide experienced Marine Mammal Observers (MMO's), Protected Species Observers (PSO's), and Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLO's) to assist with survey completion and marine licence requirements.

We can also supply Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) equipment and trained operators.

Our Marine Consultants are fully versed in the appropriate mitigation measure guidelines for international seismic surveys.