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Offshore Construction

Specialist Marine Consultants have wide-ranging experience of offshore marine construction projects.

As the search for natural resources expands, construction projects are being developed further offshore, with significant cost and safety implications.

SMC provides Project Management and Client Representatives for a range of global operations, including all aspects of offshore wind farm and turbine construction and the installation of subsea cables, foundations and transition pieces.

All SMC personnel have an uncompromising and proactive approach to time, cost and safety targets.
Offshore marine construction projects
Offshore marine construction projects
SMC has developed a Web-based Management System to deal with daily reports and the collation of construction and project data.  This enables SMC to provide detailed, accurate and up-to-date reports of the operation’s progress.

SMC Marine Coordinators also provide O&M solutions developing strategies for maximizing production and maintaining plant safety after the initial construction phase.