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Marine Coordination

SMC ensures that all offshore marine operations are carried out efficiently and safely by delivering effective coordination of personnel and vessels worldwide.

SMC's Marine Coordinators use their specialist expertise and marine knowledge to supervise marine operations by the coordination of all in-sea movements.

This includes daily planning of all transfers, conducting site inductions, safety briefings and being a focal point of contact in case of emergencies.
Transfers to date
Having independent expert marine knowledge on-site enables delivery of:

 - Cost effective solutions to meet the client's individual needs.
 - Ensuring that each element of the project is completed to a high standard.
 - Reduce overall operation costs by maximising productivity throughout the project.
 - Maintaining safe practice and compliance in line with all relevant policies, procedures and best practices.

HSEQ within the oil and gas exploration and renewable energy industries

Key Features

Over 1 Million Safe Transfers

 - Detailed Daily Planning
 - Vessel and Location Statistics
 - Offshore Management
 - Emergency Coordination
 - Reducing Costs
 - Vessel Inspections
 - Atlas Marine Coordination System