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Heavy Lift Supervisor (HLS)

SMC supply projects with experienced Heavy Lift Supervisors who are competent in all types of lifting operations. Our Heavy Lift Supervisors are experienced in crafting lift plans and solving difficult situations which may arise; to make the lift possible in a safe and controlled manner.

SMC can supply you with a full team of Heavy Lift Supervisors from the beginning to the end of your project where we can design lift plans and implement safe working procedures, to ensure the project runs smoothly. We can also supply Heavy Lift Supervisors on an ad-hoc basis, where we can come in once the project is up and running and review all documentation and recommend any revisions to lift plans or procedures already in place.
SMC's Heavy Lift Supervisors - lifting standards, raising safety
HSEQ within the oil and gas exploration and renewable energy industries

HLS Key Features

 - Lift Plans
 - Appointed Reporting
 - Detailed Reporting
 - Experience with Rotor Lifts
 - Lifting / Installing of Components