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Atlas Marine Coordination System

SMC has developed a bespoke recording and tracking system to allow SMC's Marine Coordinators to have 100% knowledge of where all personnel are in field at all times. The system allows for collation of operational statistics, which includes fuel usage, number of transfers, HSE, carbon footprint and a fully customisable task progress overview map. Remote access for the client is also provided for instant daily statistics.

SMC Marine Coordinators can track and manage over 100 personnel on any one shift using Atlas' team allocation and live map interface.

Personnel Certification

  • Personal details including Next of Kin
  • Contact Details
  • Personal Picture
  • Certification Expiry

atlas marine tracking software
atlas marine tracking software


Live Statistics

With Atlas each user will receive a unique login to access all the live statistics from carbon footprints to fuel by distance or even total personnel transferred and vessel working hours.

Progress Map

  • Fully customisable construction phases
  • Stay up-to-date with all the latest progress and developments
  • Live defect tracking and accountability
  • Remote login for ease of access

atlas marine tracking software
atlas marine tracking software

Vessel Inspections

Document and record Vessel Inspections with accurate tracking of any action points raised.
HSEQ within the oil and gas exploration and renewable energy industries

  Key Features

    - People Tracking
    - Location Statistics
    - Vessel Statistice
    - Technician Manifesting
    - Live Location Map
    - Live Construction Progress Map
    - Vessel Action Point Tracking
    - Certification Monitoring
    - Remote Login