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SMCs work on Veja Mate nears a close
SMC has provided maritime service personnel throughout the construction phase on the Veja Mate Offshore Project. Starting with Marine Coordinators in 2015 and expanding over the next year to Offshore Technicians, Offshore Construction Managers and Client Representatives across the project. SMC’s Technicians will finish work on the Project this month and the Marine Coordinators are expected to finish later in the year.
Veja Mate is the world’s furthest offshore wind farm, located 95km NW from Borkum Island in the German Exclusive Economic Zone, consisting of 67 Siemens SWT-6.0-154 turbines. When the wind farm is fully operational it will provide enough electricity annually for 400,000 homes in Germany.
The Project was commissioned four months earlier than expected, taking less than 14 months from the start of construction.
Veja Mate’s Installation Project Manager, Nick Ingham said “We are most pleased with SMC’s contribution to the successful execution of Veja Mate, their installation and commissioning works were carried out with high efficiency and a strong focus on safety. We can only give the highest possible recommendation for the selection of SMC for roles that are within their wide range of services.”
Steve Evans, Operations Manager at SMC added, “Veja Mate’s strong procedural practices allowed us to honour our commitment to working to the highest quality and safety standards throughout the course of the Project. We are delighted to have been a part of such a ground-breaking Project and to add yet more significant experience to our existing portfolio of work”.